Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Companies spend tons of monies on Advertising and PR to build a reputation and create an image and yet somehow the image out there is not uniform despite a synergy in the marketing packaging.

So where does the problem lie?

Assuming here that your marketing mechanism is spot on the answer lies in your own policies and procedures. An important section of the people who spread the image of the company are vendors, suppliers and candidates who have applied for jobs and they are a lot the companies usually forget to tend to. Tardiness in payments, not keeping meeting deadlines, always playing hardball are some of the reasons that prevent companies from creating a good impression on everyone.


Here are some tips for companies to ensure that you create a good impression on everyone no matter what relationship they share with the organization


Be on time. No matter who you are meeting it is important that people be there on time or more importantly show up for meeting even if there is a slight delay. Tender an apology to the people who have been inconvenienced because of you and if necessary send a written apology if you could not make it at all. Nothing aggravates people more, than waiting for people and people not showing up and then throwing an attitude. Be assured that when roles are reversed they will get back at you if you have treated them badly.


Give feedback. If you are conducting interviews, it is important that you make it a point to give feedback to every candidate if possible. Some companies have it as policy and that always creates a good impression on candidates who are sure to tell others about the company’s behavior towards them. If that is not possible intimate those who didn’t make the cut and wish them good luck.


Timely payments. Most companies have a standard policy that matches industry standards and all companies should follow it diligently. If payments can be made before it is due without affecting the cash cycle then it is a best practice that must be followed. Such acts may not spread like wildfire but delayed payments travel faster than gossip. If there is a delay in payments, the supplier or vendor must be informed in advance with a reason and a probable date which must be kept at all costs. The goodwill earned by this deed is worth more than at least 10 ads you can place in the newspaper.

Smooth Exits. Companies usually falter on this particular count. When an employee has made up his mind to leave it is ideal for both parties to ensure a smooth exit as long as all the formalities have been taken care of and he is leaving in good faith. Managers who let their ego’s get better of them during such times create a very negative impression with a brash display of power. An employee who would have otherwise parted on good terms bad mouths the company to everyone who is willing to lend an ear to his woes and these days there is no shortage of such kind.


Make Partners. Everyone who you have a functional relationship with because of the workplace is a partner to your success in some way or the other. Treat them in the same fashion as you wish to be treated. Pass on benefits when possible, invite them for official parties and gatherings, and wish them on important occasions. Keep them informed on important changes and happenings in your company so that they also feel some sense of belonging and responsible for some of your success and they will endeavor to do more should the credit be shared with them. A happy partner is a goldmine of goodwill and leads.

Do remember that people always remember how you made them feel. And these efforts cost you nothing.

No amount of money companies spend can buy them a ‘value system’ but simple acts of goodwill and duty bring in more reputation than an act of charity.


Monday, November 2, 2015

First 5 Laws of Social Media

Social Media Laws that Brands must follow to be successful in the long run

1.       The Social Law

Social is the keyword. No one wants to be friends with people who only talk and think about themselves. Think of a social gathering and how the conversations would drift from personal stuff to everything related to the people involved. Talk about yourself, but importantly talk to others and topics that they would find interesting too.
2.       The Acknowledgement Law 

It is a universal law. People like to be seen, heard and appreciated. Acknowledge contributions and support from your fans, image providers, content providers and those who like and comment on your page. A simple like or a comment in reply goes a long way in building relationships with them. Always Acknowledge.
3.       The Exchange Law

I scratch your back and you scratch mine. Well not literally. But if you are not willing to share, like and comment on other peoples content it would be foolish to expect them to do the same for you. This relationship will be no different from any other successful relationship. Give and Receive.

4.       The Availability Law

 Be there. The worst thing one can do on social media is to think that posting is enough and then forget about the post till you put up the next one. Your fans will need you from time to time and it is important that you be there for them. Check your page regularly for comments and queries.
5.       The Patience Law

 Good things take time to become good. Think of it like a seed you plant whose shade and fruit you will benefit from. Don’t expect wonders to happen just because your brand is present on social media. You have to invest in it and watch it grow steadily and then you can reap the benefits of it. Be patient.

-Melwyn Abraham

Monday, April 28, 2014

Why do Women Love Men in Uniform?

It all begins when little girls are fed stories of strong and brave men who always come to their rescue. More often than not these men are either a prince, a knight, heroes who have sailed the seven seas or men who conform to a stereotype.

It works well for Men. Get the uniform. Get the Girl. (Of course you also need to be the man who will rescue her in troubled times)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The 5 Texting Mistakes To Avoid

1. Sending a poor initial text.
2. Beating around the bush.
3. Writing block after block of text.
4. Giving her no chance to reply.
5. Not setting the exact time and date.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Al Abbas Gang Night

A great evening. A great time.

A visit from old friends never fails to cheer you up and all trips down memory lane with my friends always bring forth tons of laughter and tears due to laughter. I loved listening to all the old tales of how they outwitted clients and bosses and got themselves out of sticky situations.

The presentations and all the whacky ideas we came up with never get old no matter how many times told. The drinking stories and the beautiful women we missed out on because of various reasons like - being married are the ones that come up not so often always linger longer.

It has been 2 years since we dont see each other everyday anymore but everytime we meet we just take off from where we last left.

It's a blessing to have friends like you guys. Never fails to cheer me up.

PS: Has everyone gone sober?